Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Shirt, Take Three

Birthday shirt, take two isn't worth it's own post. The prints I chose didn't work out for the layers very well. The stitch I chose was all kinds of awful, so I switched on the next layer. Bad idea.


Then I stitched the front of the shirt to the back of the shirt. Removing those stitches yielded a lovely hole in the back of the shirt.


I cut out some new appliques and tried again. Using only two layers this time and the stitch I found that worked better on the first attempt. I'm used a font called "Frosty" for the pattern. It's the same font I used for the names on our Christmas stockings.

Not exactly the most exciting narrative, but how about this mug? Here's the soon to be birthday boy previewing his birthday shirt.


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  1. These 1 shirts you could sell on Etsy. My littlest wants a bball shirt with his name and number on the back. I might have to commission some...


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