Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Butt Baby Pants

I am in LOVE with this pattern. Made By Rae designed the most adorable wide leg baby pants with a special panel in the bum for cloth diapered babies. It's amazingly brilliant, and I can't stop making them.

When I needed something for Colin to wear at his baptism, I went shopping. I only had a couple of days to figure it out, and all I found was a sweet little cardigan. So, I made some pants. Voila. I'm telling you, this pattern is awesome.

103_0797 103_0798



A few months ago, I bought some of this brown and blue collection, not having a pattern in mind, but knowing that I wanted to do some cuffed pants for Colin with it. I think this was the perfect pattern for it. And quite by accident, it coordinates cutely with this elephant sweater that I found at a consignment sale. 

The picture of him wearing the outfit? Is the best picture I could get. That child would not be still. Plus, we all know by now that I am a terrible, horrible, awful photographer. Which isn't a great quality in a craft blogger. At least this time I remembered to actually take pictures. Bonus.

103_0791 103_0794

You can buy the pattern licensed or unlicensed so that if you want to make the pants to sell, you can. You just have to give Made By Rae credit for the design. You can add pockets easily, and if you've got a little girl, you can add ruffles to the butt panel. It's the cutest! 

Something else I love about this pattern is that it only takes a half a yard to make Colin a pair of pants. Less, if I'm doing a contrasting cuff and bum panel. So I'll be able to destash a lot of fabrics that I have just because they are adorable.

I've made some monkey pants with a polka dot bottom, and I have several other combinations picked out and waiting to go. I'm obsessed. Baby bottoms are already cute enough on their own, but these pants just send me right over the edge. Darling.


  1. i could not sew pants to save myself. but oh, man, i wish i'd known about that pattern for the last four years, since i've had kids consistently in cloth diapers for that long.
    he's sweet. but in those pants, hell, I'D be sweet. ;)

  2. So. This is where a girl has to come to see oh-so-sweet baptismal pics? Where do I need to go to see a pic of babe with the Reverend Mother?
    (Seriously, tell me. . . I'm there!)
    He and the pants are both adorable -- and spectacular!

  3. Seriously. You're a sewing genius. I fight with my machine every time I drag it out. *sigh* Yet another reason I wished you lived closer.

  4. Oh, man! Wish I'd known about the ruffle-butt pants when Pippi was a baby :)


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