Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Hand Shirt


From here, Kevin claimed to not see any turkeys. He may have been right, but he wasn't wearing his glasses as usual.


From here, you can almost see the very first French Knots I ever successfully completed.


And from here, you can see that it is indeed a very minimalistic turkey made from Little Bird's hand, and there was another one made from Mama's hand.

It was my first foray into using embroidery thread to accent an applique. I have decided that I need a hoop if I'm going to try it again. I might also need someone who doesn't refuse to wear his glasses to help me gauge whether or not there is actually a turkey on the shirt.


  1. Now that's a Thanksgiving craft! Aren't you the woman who said that you weren't going to do crafts anymore because they were never finished? You're finishing a bunch this Fall, you know....

  2. I love this, though I have no idea what you're talking about. And for the record, I could totally see a turkey.


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