Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday Shirts for Two Year Olds

Whoa. It has been MONTHS since I last posted here. That makes me sad. I really love this little blog. My little web space as an accidental crafter. Which I just typed "crapter" and had to correct. HMMMMM.

I haven't been making much. Well, I did make a baby, which is not exactly crafty, but it is hard, time consuming, and far more fun. Since he came along, I haven't been doing too terribly much in the way of anything.

Of course, before little Colin made his arrival in January, I made a couple of birthday shirts for the CC's. The "2" was a little big, especially for Pip, but I kind of like that it was so very very "2."

Christopher's birthday shirt:


The red and white striped arms are actually just another shirt underneath the black t-shirt. I order all my blanks from Jiffy Shirts. They are super cheap and fast, but the Rabbit Skins brand runs really small, so beware.

Here is the shirt for Pippi. I always make hers and Christopher's at the same time, so they always match. I say that like I've been doing it for decades. They are two. So twice. I'm such a dork.










Finally, I tried out a new design for a new neighbor down the street. She turned two in September, so that makes this almost a current post. Almost.











What I didn't know when I made this one was that this particular birthday girl said, when referring to her birthday, "Happy Cupcake!" It was pretty cool.

There you have it. The birthday shirts for 2010. I do love some birthday shirts. I think if I ever started an Etsy shop, that's what I would do first. Birthday shirts. 


  1. Etsy! Etsy! Etsy! And yes -- matching birthday shirts for decades, please. We'll have to start doing group photos at JCP for their birthdays.

  2. Yes! I say yes! yes! yes! Sell them! My little cupcake loves her shirt. Every time she wears it, people ask where in the world I could have found something so stinking cute. (I assume they mean the shirt and not the child, though she too can be crazy cute on occasion.) And she still says "Happy cupcake!" It's the best.

  3. Yes, please. You are rocking these. May I suggest to extend the girl shirt by adding a little (or big) tulle ruffle-type flare around the bottom? You know, just for fun? And, you know, in your spare time?

  4. Can you add a 4 to one of those shirts? I'd like to be hip like the cool kids and rock a 42.

  5. I would like one for my 50th birthday! Sans tulle, of course :) But, seriously, these are adorable! Do make more, they're fantastic!


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